Friday, February 03, 2006

All God's Children - The Church in the 'Hood

The following is part of an email from Pastor Jeffrey Croft, in response to my "Leap of Faith" appeal yesterday. I thought that this part of the email would make a very fitting post for this blog, and he has given his permission to post it.

Three years ago, I started a new church in inner-city Mansfield. This church is truly a church for the poor, not just an outreach. Our goal is to connect with those who have fallen through the cracks of the traditional church and society. We are all about social change through the gospel message. People literally come in off the street and find the love of God like they have never experienced before. It's amazing what can happen when we simply be authentic and genuine about our faith.

Our newest project is Street Law, which will begin mid March. It is a program that helps urban youth understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens. So many of our youth are involved in the "system" and have a very negative view of the police. Street Law is designed to help them understand that they have a voice in their city, and can contribute to improve where they live. Youth will learn the basics of law and what the role of the police is, from the police themselves. We hope that both sides can be able to understand who the other is and strengthen their relationship.

I invite you to take a look at the church's website and my blog for a little commentary on what's happening here (addresses below.)

Jeffrey R. Croft, Pastor

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