Tuesday, January 30, 2007

We Believe Leadership Retreat

I attended part of the We Believe Leadership Retreat today. I wasn't planning to stay over night, but I had hoped to at least stay all of today, but I was really nervous about the idea of trying to drive home from hilly, snowy, unfamiliar Belville, Ohio IN THE DARK. And it turned out I couldn't get any signal at all on my cell phone, so I had no way of contacting family to let them know I'd arrived safely. And my husband had no way of getting any important information to me.

So I headed home, even though I was really looking forward to continuing the discussion, which was to include issues such as:
Among the issues to be considered and moderated at the retreat:
*Are we a Movement—or an Organization?
*How do the answers to those questions affect our structure and our plan?
*How do we broaden our circle?
When I arrived home, I was met an increasingly more challenging situation with Son in Ohio's school that needs to be dealt with, and the news that I need to report to work tomorrow rather than Monday, which is what I'd been told yesterday.

Anyway, the reason I'm going into this much detail about things is that it speaks to that goal of "How do we broaden our circle?" I very much support the mission of We Believe and would like to be part of it. So one goal *I* would have for the organization would be multiple ways of keeping people "in the loop" if they aren't able to attend meetings and such. So, for starters, if anyone who attended the conference would be willing to fill me in about what I'm missing by not attending the last 2/3 of the event, I would be most grateful.

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