Sunday, March 12, 2006

We Believe! Ohio (update and reminder)

The launch of the group We Believe! Ohio, which I wrote about here, is now only two days away. They now have a web site, which you can link to by clicking the graphic below. If you've ever wondered aloud where were the moderate, sane religious leaders countering the far right, well, here they are. But they're going to need some help if they are to be heard.

On We Believe's About Us page it says:
We are black and white. We are men and women. We come from a wide range of theological diversity as well. We are conservative, moderate, and liberal on the spectrum of faith and public policy! We serve urban, suburban, and rural people in our houses of worship. We hold in common a deep and abiding love of the God whom we serve.

We also share in common our strong belief that we must act and speak in public ways to support the poor, the children, and those who are voiceless and unrepresented in our times.

Here is the where and when of the launch event/press conference:
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
11:00 AM
The First AME Zion Church
873 Bryden Rd. Columbus, OH

More details here, including printable PDFs you can use to share the details with people offline.

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