Sunday, June 18, 2006

Electing a New Presiding Bishop

This is from the e-mail update I receive from the Diocese of Southern Ohio:

The Nominating Committee for the 26th Presiding Bishop presented its slate of nominees during a Joint Session of the two houses on Saturday. Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold also opened the floor for nominations of candidates by petition -- those who had met the petition guidelines and successfully undergone the background checks. The House of Bishops are slated to elect the presiding bishop during its meeting today, starting at 10 a.m. at Trinity, Capitol Square. That election is a closed meeting. Once an election is reached -- with a nominee receiving 51 percent of the vote, the House of Bishops will bring the name of the person elected to the House of Deputies for consent. When both houses agree, the person becomes the Presiding Bishop-elect.

Please keep the bishops and the deputies in your prayers as they elect the next chief pastor of the Episcopal Church. Watch your e- mail for a breaking news announcement of the selection of the next Presiding Bishop.
Trinity is where we heard Bishop Gene Robinson speak, and where a number of the events (such as the "meet the author" ones) that did not take place in the Columbus Convention Center have been held.

Because that closed meeting will be taking place at Trinity, tonight's convention worship service will take place at First Congregational Church, a UCC church down the street from Trinity.

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