Monday, June 19, 2006

From Susan Russell, President of Integrity

Ever since I heard the news that the Episcopal Church had elected its first female Presiding Bishop, I have been checking Susan Russell's blog, An Inch at a Time, to see if she had posted about it yet. This morning, checking blogs one last time before leaving for work, I found this:

What a wild, amazing, Spirit-filled, historic day behind us -- may God give us grace for the wild, amazing, Spirit-filled journey ahead of us!

I am still fairly stunned by the rapidly accelerating sequence of events that left us at the end of the day with the historic choice of the first woman primate in the Anglican Communion as the Rt. Reverend Katherine Jefferts Schori (Bishop of Nevada) was elected (on the fifth ballot) the 26th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.
And I can't think of a better Father's Day gift to the Anglican Communion than its first woman primate.

Read the rest here.

Also, I loved this comment by Lisa at Father Jake Stops the World, and just had to include it here.

[What's the HTML code for bowing lowly & reverently?] OH WOW, Joe! That must have been awesome! I can't recall which of the Ten Commandments I'm breaking, but I'm certainly envious of you, being there on the floor when this happened.

And now ... I'm just (not-so-patiently) waiting for Padre Jake to get some shut-eye and for him to give us his own first-person account of the events of this Most Amazing Day. ;) [Sounds of "Hail Thee Festival Day" rise in background.]

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