Saturday, June 10, 2006

Eyes Wide Open Exhibit

From today's Columbus Dispatch

Empty boots at Statehouse to show human cost of war
Nearly 2,500 pairs of empty boots in military formation representing fallen U.S. troops will stretch a full city block across the Statehouse west lawn along High Street — one of the most visible locales in all of Ohio.

For Peggy Logue of Lebanon, whose son Michael served with the Marine Reserves’ Lima Company, 3 rd Battalion, 25 th Regiment, the exhibit is a chance to see up close the cost of a war she thinks has been badly mishandled by the Bush administration.

"We have young people dying, and if we’re over there fighting a war, we better know what we’re doing it for," said Logue, who, along with her husband, Jerry, will speak at the exhibit early Wednesday afternoon.

Sixteen members of Lima Company, many from Ohio, died in Iraq.

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