Sunday, June 11, 2006

TCPC at the Convention

I am still working my way through a maze of links trying to find *something* that serves as a detailed schedule of what happens when at the General Convention. It looks like I will only be able to make it to events that take place in the evening or on the weekend, so unfortunately that will keep me from attending this event, which takes place during the day on Tuesday. From the St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Newsletter:

With the help of St. Stephen’s (Gay Hadley, The Rev. Paul Nicely, The Rev. George Glazier and others), The Center for Progressive Christianity (TCPC) will have a booth at this convention. This will be the first time TCPC has been present at a General Convention. TCPC will be in Booth #26. TCPC will also host a Forum on June 13: Progressive Christians: Out of the Shadows, Into the Light. The Rev. Fred Plumber, President of TCPC, will speak on the work of the Center from 1:30 to 2:50 p.m. and then there will be a time of sharing on how progressive liturgies are being created in the Episcopal Church. This will begin with George Glazier sharing what is happening at St. Stephen’s and Bradley Sowash will talk about music in progressive liturgy.
St. Stephen's is one of two churches in Columbus that is listed on the web site of The Center for Progressive Christianity. I knew *of* St. Stephen's, because it was only a block away from the Catholic church I attended throughout graduate school and beyond. I remember looking at the church and wondering "what they did there", and how similar it really was to Roman Catholic worship, but never actually ventured inside. I didn't do that until I "rediscovered" St. Stephen's when I was looking for a local church that was part of TCPC.

Anyway, although I won't be able to attend that forum, I hope to have a report from someone that I can post. And, in general, I'd love to have first hand accounts of convention from people who attend. If you'd like to share your experiences of convention with the readers of this blog, you can e-mail me at ohiorenee at

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